About Us

The father and son team that is Twin Oaks Building Solutions brings over 40 years of custom home building experience into every interaction with their clients.  Founded on the core principles of Integrity, Quality,  and Longevity, a Twin Oaks Home is destined to be a generational home enjoyed for years to come.  

Besides conventional methods of construction, the team at Twin Oaks Building Solutions has expertise in incorporating beautiful, historic re-claimed materials into the building process  for those times when only that 100 year old beam from the barn on Grandpa’s farm will do!

 Need help getting your dream home off the napkin and onto a set of plans?                 Twin Oaks Building Solutions can help take your idea from design to finished blue print, ready to permit and build.  One of the most valuable services offered to clients  is a thorough construct-ability review to see where your dream home falls in your budget and how to get there from here.  

For a free consultation to see what Twin Oaks Building Solutions can do for you,         click here.  For a more in-depth look at the solutions and services we offer click here.   For pictures worth a thousand words...here.

Larry and the oak beam
100 year old oak beam reclaimed from an Amish barn

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