Signature Independent Builder & Consultant for Natural Element Homes



Twin Oaks Building Solutions has had a long and rich history with the wonderful team at  Natural Element Homes.  We have proudly been an Authorized Signature Builder & Consultant for these exquisite homes and have been involved in every aspect of construction from selecting and sourcing the beautiful historic reclaimed materials used in these custom packages, to navigating design applications, to placing the finishing touches on a completed home.

Here at Twin Oaks Building Solutions, we desire to offer our clients the very best in home design applications and at Natural Element Homes they have made designing your dream home, a dream experience! 

From The Design Team:

“The Design Pack is Your BEST First Step…”


Dream it. Plan it. See it. That’s the beauty. Your home comes to life while our team shapes it in 3D for you.

The journey to your Natural Element Home begins with its design, and here you have a choice to make. You can pick a design from our vast design library, and we will customize the plan for you. Or, you can create a custom design. Our in-house designers can help you create a plan that reflects your taste and perfectly complements the setting of your home.

Whichever approach you choose, you’ll enjoy using our Virtual Design Center to collaborate on your project. Our system allows you to collaborate at every step of the design process and immediately view the effects of any design changes you’re considering. You view your plans online and speak directly with your designer as you watch your changes being made on screen in real time. Next you’ll be able to view a 3-D model of your altered home plan, and you can take a virtual “tour” of your redesigned house to see just how it will look and feel.

You don’t have to operate any software; just sit back and watch as your dreams and ideas move a step closer to reality. It’s fast, efficient, and fun! After design…supply, build, and decorate — and before you know it you are in your custom dream home! 

Need something tangible to look at?

Follow this link and answer a few short questions to receive your FREE copy of the 2017 Natural Element Homes Design Guide!  You will soon be on your way to perusing the latest dream book from Natural Element Homes.

 Lacking inspiration?  

Then, fire up your imagination with a stroll through the Natural Element Homes Gallery and see the latest homes that are currently trending!

Ready to sit down with your own personal Design-Build Consultant?

 We would love to visit with you!  Please take a moment and tell us a little more about yourself and what you feel the next step is on your building journey, then visit our friends at Natural Elements Homes and see where your dreams can take you.


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